Tips when buying used phone

Here will come the tips

  • Write down on the paper what you expect from your new phone
  • Check the market to see which phone suits your needs (maybe you will need to decrease your needs if you want cheaper price :))
  • Check some online classified ads or local paper ads
  • Ask if phone is locked to some network
  • Ask what comes with the phone (even if ads write everything, double check that it is right) (memory card, charger, guarantee list, box, data cable, headphones, car charger…)
  • Recognize the scam
  • Ask for IMEI number
  • Check if phone was stolen or lost (by IMEI number in phones database, )
  • Negotiate for price
  • Meet in public (check IMEI again, check the scratches, check total calls counter, make a phone call to see if everything works as it should and that phone has good signal, good speaker, microphone etc…)